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One of my boyfriends asked me that why I am charging big amount as my gift amount or remuneration for my Bangalore escorts service. I told him that if you need gold you have to pay more and if you need to buy silver no need to pay much as we pay for gold. That is the difference between quality based high profile Bangalore escorts and low quality escort services in Bangalore. That means the cost of the quality product will be high and the price of the cheap products will be very low that compared to the quality products.

And there is one more important thing that we have to be noted if the quality of Bangalore escorts is low it will affect the remuneration system directly. You can see hundreds websites and thousands of Bangalore call girls those offering low class services in low prices. The class of the client is not a problem for them and they will serve all the peoples. A high class Bangalore escorts is not like that she will serve only two to three peoples in a week. But they will charge as per their standard and quality of the services.

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