Bliss of after play

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Welcome to another blog post posted by the leading Bangalore escorts. I have read one article about the after play named “what women like after love making” which reveals the true picture of the way most men behave after a sexual intercourse. True those men become tired and exhausted soon after orgasms, but it is also their duty to look into the psychological feelings of the female who mate with him or who enjoys the feelings of his wife, who enjoys the pleasure of sex along with pain and takes time to relax herself and come out of the act.

After play is what she expects and craves for, as this is what ‘soothes’ her and makes her realize how much her husband respects her feelings and allocates his precious time for her to recoup, and fall asleep. Man turning over and snoring within seconds of orgasms, would only make the women irritated and develop an aversion to the act, as she’s not a machine. A man can overcome this by listening to her needs of the warmth of after play and spend a few more minutes with her by talking about the sex. I can promise you the same experience with my Bangalore escorts service also.

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