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The world of social media is very big than are expecting. The number of real profiles and the number of fake profiles will confuse the personalities each other. I am not a famous celebrity so my facebook account is not confirmed with the official symbol of blue right. But the number of my facebook followers is a factor that made me amaze about me. The number of my facebook profile followers is two thousand and above. I don’t know how the people know about me and my services. I am not keep keeping my profile page updated.

Anyway I am thankful for those who are supporting me through social media websites. I have posted some cute pictures last month and I got some like clicks for those sexy pictures. Most of them are my friends who are working like me. Of course, those posts will help the top class clients of Bangalore to choose the best and hot Bangalore escorts. I am getting hundreds of messages through social media sites and most messages were come through facebook and WhatsApp. I hope the social media pages will make me the real star of Bangalore escorts services.

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