Why independent?

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You are invited to another blog post; here I am going to disclose some personal factors those are related to my character. Some people don’t like to be controlled by others, I am one of them. I would like to live as my mind saying. I am offering my adult entertainment services whenever am free but I don’t like to go for escort services every time. Simply I will do as per my mood. This attitude will not be a good one while we are working for an escort agency. Of course they will expel me as my concepts of life and their business concepts will not work together.

If I am working for an escort agency I have to dress as per their wish and I must be ready to serve the clients 24/7, and they will not consider my mood, my diseases and my internal feelings. I have to work like a machine and I have to make my client satisfied with by sexual intercourse services. I think these things are not simple and it will make me mad. So I decided to work alone without any connection with any agencies. So I became the most leading Independent Bangalore escorts provider.

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