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I am writing this blog post regarding one of my experience in the last week. I got a mail from person who need to know whether the information about Bangalore escorts that given in the website is genuine or not, and interested to have a look into the profile pictures. I have replied him that I am busy with my client and if you need the service I will arrange my friends. He was interested but I feel that he is disturbed with something. I have asked him whether he need in-call Bangalore escort service or out-call. He was interested in out-call service at his hotel.

Still he was confused with something. I simply asked him whether he is facing any kind of issues. He disclosed me that he has an age of 75 and little bit confused that whether the girl will come of the service. I promised him that if we feel that you are a genuine and top class client we won’t mind your age. He was happy by hearing my words. I have sent the girl to serve the top class Bangalore escorts to him. Here I just need to tell me clients that it is not a problem for me whether you are a senior citizen or younger client, you must be a high class client ready to anything for the service.

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