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People will take photographs when they are visiting places, but nowadays peoples are visiting places to take photographs to publish in their social media sites and other profiles. Smart phones are the secret behind these amateur photographers. We know they are not professionals but taking hundreds of photographs every day. Their collection includes selfies, kids, family members, nature, their lovers and other things. I have seen that some of my friends changing their social media profiles pictures every day with latest pictures and they need to publish the experiences of their trips to different places with her family or boyfriend or girlfriend.

As an independent Bangalore escorts girl my case is extremely different from all those things. I have my own cam Nikon D80 and I am taking lots of pictures while I am travelling with my boyfriends. I am taking around 100 snaps every day. My friends those looking to my photographs are saying that I am a professional photographer and if I use these pictures to publish with any website or social media site I can make lots of fans. But I don’t care these words. I kept all my pictures in my personal PC and unpublished. Thank you for reading my article.

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