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The first kiss is the most memorable experience in a person’s life. Even it is very short or in hurry kiss, nobody will forget it. When two persons kiss, they are transported another world and for a moment they forget all the worries. I have read some valuable tips for kiss in a magazine last day, and that made me to write an article on this subject. The article consists of most of the tips and techniques for planting a perfect and memorable kiss. I really enjoyed that article and kept aside to hand over someone special in life. As an escort girl I have experienced most of the kisses in the world, especially in Bangalore escorts.

If one knows how to go about it kiss will became an enjoyable experience otherwise it will lead to lifelong bitter experience and disappointment. There is another kiss which is not mentioned in the write up that is affectionate kiss. It is the kiss that a person plants on her/his beloved’s forehead to wishing him or her to get well soon. It is the most effective way to express one’s love and affection. It reflects the love of mother or father, isn’t it? Any way I think and believe kiss is the best way to express your love to another.