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Few days back I got a mail from a Russian girl who stays in Delhi for five years. We had communication through mail and later we started to talk over phone. At last she told me that she need to work as escorts in Bangalore for some days. I told her to come to Bangalore and stay with me to find clients for her Russian based escorts in Bangalore. I have offered her service through my personal website for escorts in Bangalore. The response from the clients and website visitors are amazing. I got around two hundred calls and hundred emails regarding her escorts in Bangalore. Most them need to see her pictures before taking her service and some of them are not even asked her pictures.

My regular clients got first chance to enjoy the Russian escorts in Bangalore and other new clients got after them. Any way my new Russian friend made a big change in the concepts of foreign escorts in Bangalore. She left back within four days. Still the clients are asking for her Russian escorts in Bangalore. But unfortunately she is not available for services. I don’t think that her escorts in Bangalore is better than me, she is not an Indian and that made more clients attracted towards her escorts in Bangalore. Still I am waiting for her, expecting within four months of time.