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WARNING – This website comprises sexually-oriented adult content (images, articles, videos and other materials). The person who is entering to the website should be matured or completed his/her 18 years old. This portal ( is not intended for minors. We are strictly against the entry of minors especially kinds and under 18 years old people. The medias which are added in the websites are not mean for all. Here we are adding the conditions to use the website. The person who is entering the website must agree the terms to go beyond this point. By accepting the rules the person should ready to use the portal as per the rules and regulations.

01 I have completed 18 years and I am an adult.

02 I’m not looking into this portal from such a place where visiting adult website is considered as illegal.

03 I understand the aftermaths of visiting such adults websites and I am the sole responsible person for this.

04 I have determined that the place where I am staying has not made illegal about visiting the adult-oriented websites.

05 My community, city, state, country or any other governmental board are not against visiting adult only web portals.

06 My jurisdiction from where I am browsing this portal is not confirmed that browsing adult websites are illegal.

07 I will not promote the usage of this website for the people who are under 18 years.

08 I will not show the contents of the portal to any minors.

09 I know very well that is an adult-oriented website and I am entering it intentionally.

10 I have checked and convinced that there is no offensive or disagreeable media content in this website.

11 I strongly believe that an adult has the right to use this website and understand the content of it.

12 I promise that I will not share the contents of the website in any social media pages as it is strictly for the adult audiences.

13 I understood that is hosted in such a country where offering escorts service and showing adult contents are treated as legal.

14 The webmaster or the owners of this escorts website has made this portal harmless to the adult viewers.

15 I will not misuse the content of the website and I will not upload, copy, distribute, modify, copy, transfer, or publish the contents of this portal with any other websites.