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Nobody wants to face the reality of any known person knowing about what they are actually up to. Every men wants to satisfy their inner demons with slight hinge of privacy. Let’s take a look at few aspects to be considered when making hotel reservation when you are seeing an escort.

Booking Hotel Locally

This could be dangerous because people around actually know you. So, always try to make booking few miles away from your place. Make sure you have proper local id and the hotel staff is aware that someone is about to come and see you. Avoid booking hotels who enquires a lot about the situation. There should not be a problem later on.

Don’t book in hotels with reviews where already raids are done. Choose a premium place which will make both of you calm and will not hinder the enjoyment. After the bookings are done let the escort know the location of the hotel and the room number. Ask her to directly come inside and she should not speak to anyone once she is inside the hotel room. The client should avoid picking up women who looks shady and might remind someone of a prostitute.

Handling Hotel’s Lobby Situations:

  • If the receptionist doesn’t let your girl in, show your girl’s ID without him requesting it – this help and increases the chances of him letting you
  • Tell the reception that your guest won’t stay for long – maximum 2 hours.
  • Try booking double rooms. Tell him to charge the room. As you have a double room, it is fully possible to book in an extra person to the room. This is the case in 90% of the hotels and it is written in their policy. A good explanation should be provided if they do not accept an extra guest.
  • Befriending the receptionists: It is obvious that having a good vibe with the receptionists will make it much easier to bring girls over. So be polite and friendly when interacting with them. Have a small chat if you have time to kill (and if there aren’t too many guests in the lobby). Try to pay attention to who works the night shift – the night shift is the receptionist you should give the most attention obviously to. Also, avoid giving unnecessary complaints about the room if your room is okay, it will just cause grief.

Booking Hotel For A Trip

After the contract is done for the vacation with escort. The client should make sure he has her id. While booking the hotel he should provide hers too so that the hotel guys have no qualms later on. Also try talking making a call to hotel’s reception before the actual date of arrival and discuss about your bookings and details entered to make sure they are aware of it.

The escort should be properly dressed, the client can ask her to dress in a certain way to avoid any suspicion and make the process easier. Overall, booking a hotel might be tedious process but it does sound better than having an escort at your own place. There are multiple websites who helps in filtering girl friendly hotels in your area or where you are travelling too. Have a nice time.