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I am beginning my latest article with a big thank you to the readers of my blogs. You are encouraging me a lot by posting the comments and positive reviews. I know you are reading my article by taking time and thinking about yourself. I got very few negative reviews but I am taking it as a positive suggestion from the readers and I will make necessary changes based on the reviews. It is very clear that all are unanimously saying that my blog for Bangalore escorts services is one of the best among all other portals. It gives me lots of pleasure in my service.

What is Escorts Agency

It is a concept of hiring the escort girls to serve the clients. The agent or owner of the escorts agency will decide who should get hired for service. There will be a person who controls everything. The escorts profiles will be changed in every specific period time. You can’t find any independent escorts girls with such escort agencies because usually the independent profiles will never try to contact agencies for services. The agency system will never give privacy to the girls as well as clients. The escort girl must serve whoever reaching the place to get the service.

The girl who is working with a Bangalore escort agency has no limitations in the number of daily clients. And there is no speciality in their services. Few of my friends where joined with an agency last year but the girls stopped working because of the pressure of the business owner. The girl who joined in an agency should be ready to serve the clients without questions. This way of serving the clients will never lead to a success story of both escort girl and escort agency. It is just a way of making money and nothing beyond that concept.

This is not an Agency

As I know the dedicated girls will never show interest to join with Bangalore escorts agency activities. There are hundreds of reasons why they are skipping the chance to get clients through agencies. First of all the major portion of the payment is taking away by the agents or owners of the agency. Second there is no freedom of life if the girl is working with an agency. They have to reschedule the time based on the arrival of clients and their requirements. I am not at all running a Bangalore escorts agency, this is an open group of real independent escort girls in Bangalore.

In Bangalore the concept of Bangalore escorts agency is not completely successful but some of the clients are still approaching the leading agencies for finding their escort girls. There are few advantages for if you are depending an escort agency. You will get different profile to choose and you can get a perfect choice based on your budget. As an independent escorts girl I would like to request the agency people, please don’t offer independent services from your side as you are a genuine escorts agency and give something extra to the girls who is working hardly for your growth.