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Escorts are a beautiful world of sexual services where I could not ignore the importance of costumes and cosmetics. Escort executives must be very beautiful to attract their clients and must not be artificial. So I have to find narrow line between over and low use of costumes and cosmetic because the use of these things must be managed in natural way. Some clients have restrictions or suggestions in these things like they will say that I need the girl must be in sari and no need of lips tic. That time we are following the clear suggestion of our valued clients.

As per our rules the costumes that our girls are used in light colors and it will not be shinier. I am very conscious about the fashion and we have given instructions to our escort executives to appear in cool colored costumes. Cosmetics are used based on the requirements of our clients. Some peoples don’t like use of cosmetics at all but some of them need medium use of nominal cosmetics items. Over usage of cosmetics will lead to a failure of our escort services. If you have any suggestion on our costumes and cosmetics while taking the appointment just pass it to our client support executive he will take care of your exact requirement.