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I think my decisions are always leads by lucky, I am not at all joking, I have proof for this statement because it all come out of my experience. I have already told you many times that I am a girl that living in dreams. I need a luxurious life with all facilities and I will do anything for that. A celebrity can only lead a life as I have seen my dream. When I was doing my schools studies I have planned to join for any fashion related courses to become a celebrity and get chances in movies.

After my college days I decided to hard work to get an admission in any leading fashion modelling firm in my native. After a long preparation I got the chance to work with a leading modelling and fashion advertisement agency. But I have studied much more about my career in this time. I got some opportunities in some TV shows and I became very popular. This was enough to become a person as my dream. I am sure I will get more opportunities in the coming days as I am offering escort services to my clients. Thank you for reading my small blog post that came out of my heart.