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This blog post has a direct relationship with my life; I think the readers can understand it from the title of this blog post. But I would like to disclose more than that you get from the title. I have already told my life story on the index page. This is just a continuation of the same life history. To reach the highest position in the fashion world I have done many activities more than a fashion model do to get a good career in fashion and modeling. I have traveled with lots of garments company managers as travel escorts, please don’t think that those peoples put pressure on me to do this. They never do like that.

These all activities are undertaken in my wish only and as I told you I have enjoyed a lot of sex sessions and luxurious life with my boyfriends. After reading this blog post peoples will think that I am a fashion model turned escorts or escorts turned fashion model. These two activities are progressed simultaneously, I could not say whether I am a Bangalore escorts girl or Leading fashion model. I found that a fashion model or an actress can only offer luxurious escorts for the top class clients. So it is a positive factor that I am working as both a fashion model as well as a high-profile escort girl. Thank you for reading g this article.