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I think there is no need to teach my clients about sex but this blog post will help some of you to enjoy perfectly while you are doing Bangalore escorts. Try to follow these rules maximum to maximize your sex pleasure. Variety is the essence of charm. Re petition of a few conventional postures tend to make sex mechanical and monotonous. Posture variations can be used with advantages to add new dimensions to go for new sessions. The tantric sadhana is a prolonged process and hence it demands the introduction of variety of positions and posture to avoid monotony. Improvisation in a tantric sex is an important as it is in secular sex indulgence. It means ‘making do’. It means making love without resorting to conventional and pre-planned postures. Improvisation forms one of the most important elements of mutual satisfying and creative tantric sex. Sex in tantra becomes most demanding. And it can be met only improvisation in postures.

The posture and position adopted at the time of coital act is equally important. A posture that is easy and comfortable is good. But to adopt the same stance always is hardly desirable. Avoid monotony and routine and add new dimensions to this side also. Bring an element of pleasant surprise, freshness and variety in your posture every time you begin your session. There are many postures. Try and see which one suits and favors you both. A man prone to early climax may adopt the inverted coital pose and its variations to advantage. In this pose the man lies on his back straight with thighs and legs together and women’s rides him. But remember it, the repeated use of any or limited number of positions would make them insipid and routine.