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Men who decide to see an escort for the first time are anxious, because they don’t know what to expect or how to behave. One thing that they are clear about that want to make their time and worth it. We will take a look at following three situations which could be the reason seeing an escort for the first time:


If you are a virgin and decided to see and escort all of a sudden, then welcome you are in for a ride. Many a times men who meet over for a social drink get to see an escort arranged as a gift from there friend. So what are the expectations, actually none because everything happens so fast the guy is nervous. Here are a few handy tips for this situation: Play cool, don’t let your anxiety affect your performance, let your instincts play the game and don’t try to enact what you have seen in porno. Don’t go all crazy and ruin the moment. Take a deep breath and try each and everything that you have always wanted or dream of. It’s the escort’s job to make you feel good and trust me they are pretty good at that.


So finally you are done with being a good guy and using your hands to satisfy yourself. You want to try out the real stuff and decide to see an escort for your first time. A very good decision indeed. Everyone has the right to feel good and do stuff they want. Here are a few things which should be planned beforehand: Before she arrives, whether you are at home or hotel room make sure the space is tidy, be well dressed and clean not for her for yourself, you will feel good about it. When she arrives, be friendly but restrained. Give her some time to relax and you too take a good amount of time to take a look at her and check her out. Give her the fees as soon as possible and grab a drink start with the couch. Remember safe sex is very important so do check with her and ask her to initiate if you feel nervous or not up for it.


So yeah, most men spend half of their livelihood watching porn and imagining those stuff. But the truth is they are not feasible. Don’t judge yourself or don’t be too harsh on yourself if you are not able to perform like your favorite adult star. Remember you are doing this to satisfy yourself and they do it to satisfy you. As far as trying out new position is concerned, yes you can do that but that do takes some time and experience. You should not do stuff which you don’t feel good about. You have paid for this so you should do what you want. If you want a hand job before intercourse that’s totally fine. And lastly, it’s totally up to you how you want to make yourself happy, escort is there to make you achieve that. Good Luck.