My Friends

If anyone of your friends earns some large scale money will make you also to follow the same way, right? The same thing happened in my case also. After relocating from Mumbai to Bangalore I have started my Independent escort services. And as soon as I started to earn more money than anyone’s expectation my friends started to run after me. At any cost, they need to know about the source of my income and how it is possible to lead a luxurious life. I was not ready to disclose the details about my part-time activities and companion services.

My friends have used all possible ways to find out the source and my activities. I am very clever to hide the secrets so they requested me to disclose the secret. One of my close friends asked me the details and she told me that she is ready for anything to earn and to lead a luxurious life like me. Most of my friends are very cute and sexy. They are working as nurses, sales girls, personal secretaries, fashion models, IT professionals etc. I am sure that if I disclose the secret behind my success they will also ready to come with me as the fresh Bangalore escorts. But still, I am thinking whether it is good or bad for my career.