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Sounds pretty dangerous but if properly taken care of this is the best thing a person can enjoy. Oral intercourse involves stimulation of genitals of one person by other using other person’s teeth, tongue.

Oral involves a lot of fantasy. Men can never get tired of it and enjoy it to core.

Doing It On The Client

This involves performing oral stimulation of men’s penis using the escort’s mouth. This still comes in a safe category because there is always a condom to save the day. Some escort are pretty good at deep throats and this is every man’s dream. Only thing to be taken care of is condom should not break and if it does stop right there and clean yourself with antiseptic pretty quick. One way to be on the safer side is you can get the escort tested before having an encounter with her. But sometimes results can be flawed so take your preventive measures. Prevention is better than cure.


Doing It On The Escort

This is rare case, the chances of this happening is pretty thin because clients really want to stay away from this act because this is one thing that scares them the most. And realistically it should be avoided too. Some clients do get carried away and if they perform oral sex on the escort get yourself tested pretty soon. And also make sure to ask the escort beforehand if she is not infected.

The 69

The most curious positions of all and super scary too. Avoid it. No other way to say it straight but this act does allow a lot of possibilities of contracting an infection so stay away. This should only be done with trusted partners. Again if you really want to try it out then get ready to take your chances. You must not deny it in future that you were tricked into it. Also the escorts should also stay hygienic if they want the client to perform oral on them. It is the most explicit feeling ever so I am sure every person wants to try it out but in order to do it take care of yourself both in matter of cleaning and staying away from viruses.

One way to ensure prevention is to approach high class agents, they run a serious business and don’t want to land in trouble so they get there escort’s tested every now and then to run a smooth business. They offer “Girlfriend experience” escorts wherein they are made to trust the escort before beginning the act. Some high profile men do prefer oral over penetration because after certain age they want to enjoy a different feeling and they do pay high amounts to get a good escort to satisfy their needs.

Again, how you want to do it, what are your fantasies it’s totally up to you but you should be careful. Nothing spoils having fun more than the sight of medicines.