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A new study suggests that the more sex you have, the more youthful and healthy you will feel. But you have to note a point that the mechanics of sex are far less important than the emotional quality of our sex lives. A good sex life can make you look and feel younger, a study has shown. Men and women can reverse the ageing process by making love more than twice a week, according to the study by scientists at Edinburgh University, involving 3,500 adults who looked 12 to 14years younger than their age.

Consultant psychotherapist, Dr. Sidney Crown, an expert in sexual and marital issues, agrees with the findings. “Physically, it has a beneficial effect on the skin. People look healthy because their hormones are circulating and their skin tends to age less quickly,” he says. Their general muscular tone is better, partly because people take the trouble to look good and feel happier and more contented. They tend to feel more proud of themselves and can express their egos.