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Although there is nothing called as virginity for men but the first timers are always called so. They are way too excited and don’t know how to handle their energy. Not knowing the proper skills would leave them unsatisfied. Quick facts for an escort to handle first time clients:

Don’t Use Your Skills

Don’t start showing your sexual skills, they might get scared because may be its too much for them. Just stick to plain vanilla intercourse. After the first encounter, if the client comes successfully then give him some time and then discuss what he should like to do next. The next time the client will be more relaxed and will not hyperventilate too much about it.

If a client is getting way too tensed about himself then talk to him calmly and make him feel masochistic. Men always feel good hearing about their bodies. Tease him a little, act friendly and take baby steps for foreplay.
Once you are totally into foreplay don’t rush over things. Let him get confident about himself and then ask him to penetrate you. The intercourse lasts long or not look satisfied either way. If they feel you are satisfied they would feel confident about their skills.

Give Constructive Inputs When Having Discussion

Before the act when you are having the discussion about his requirements and if they are pretty notch then it gives an indication that it’s his first time. Veteran clients are pretty specific about their needs and are not ready to discuss each and everything.

Do give your inputs when you feel something is out of the court. Tell him how something could go wrong if it is his first time. Also, if he is not aware of anything then let him know about different things that you could both try and he would enjoy it.

Let Him Feel At Ease

Let him relax, keep the atmosphere calm, talk to him, try to connect emotionally with him, this would help the escort in long run because if the client likes to do over things then he would come back for you time and again and you will have a regular client. But don’t get too involved, if he starts to divulge too much details about his situation then stop him. You should be the one to take the responsibility so that he does not crosses the line and things don’t get complicated.

If he asks you to initiate then start with pretty basic. Kissing, touching, hugging would establish a belief in his head and he would take in further. Once he is hard he is good to go but till then help him reach that level.

If Nothing Works

If nothing works then just get out of the room, have a good time, roam around, and have few drinks and when he feels up for it then come back do it. If he doesn’t feel up for doing it tonight despite all your efforts don’t push him too much. Leave. But establish a connection so that the same client would want to see you again and you can let him have a good time.