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I don’t have a deep knowledge in this subject but I have some information about the history behind escort services in the world and I would like to share it here within my Bangalore escorts blog. I think the concept escort service is come from the western countries like United States of America. The richest peoples of their society used to enjoy their time with escorts services. Escort girls are the common girls of the society and they have delivered perfect girlfriend experience to their clients. They peoples of western countries won’t take the service of prostitutes or sex workers in spite of their genuine escort services because both are extremely different from one another.

Later the same system has been taken by the peoples of other leading countries in the world. The whole world understood that escort services are most enjoyable entertainment service available in this world. In India it is reached in the middle of 1990’s but the people were not aware about these services. After 2000 escort services became more popular and the number of service providers and clients are increased day by day. Now it became one of the most growing industries in India by introducing big numbers of escorts executives everyday to the industry.