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Two thousand and fifteen has come with lots of hope and expectations. Each and everyone is expecting some positive outcome this year. I feel the year changing is leading all of us to a real refresh mode. We are ready to leave our past in clouds and planning for a bright future. Now we are taking our steps to our future with a very clear vision like we have to do this and that thing and we need to fulfill our dreams. From a security guard to the chief executive officer of a corporate company is planning for a bright future.

Actually there is nothing changed in our day to day routine, right? But we can see a total change in behavior, attitude, and expectations. I think that is the positive side of the New Year. I have also taken some serious decisions related to my life especially for the coming year and I am sure that those decisions will lead me to the dream world. Expectations and dreams are not capable to lead us. Hardworking is the only tool that can make you the way to our dream world. I hope my decisions will make me the princess of this garden city of India.