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I like to be free from all the pressures and restrictions. I think it is part of my character and it will not be changes. From my childhood on-wards I was not ready to follow the strict rules of others. And I have decided to live a life as my wish. When I have reached the field of Bangalore escorts services I chose myself as independent escort service girl. There are lots of reasons behind it but I could not disclose most of them. Without freedom I could not live in this world.

One of my friends told me that she has faced very bad experiences as she was working for an escort agency. The agent will decide all the things related to our escort activities, from costumes to sleeping time. She told me that she is not at all getting free time to sleep and outing, every time she has to join with any guest who is looking for sexual intercourse services. Now she left that agency because she is facing some health problems due to inefficient sleep and rest. These are the main reasons behind my decision to work as an independent Bangalore escorts girl.