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I think I have already discussed the same subject with me website visitors but now I am feeling that it is better to share my feelings and intention towards my Bangalore escorts and my decision to work as an independent escort. I think most of my clients know about the girls who are working under the escort agencies in Bangalore. They don’t have any freedom or opinions and whatever the agent is saying those girls have to do that. They could not choose a good client from a list of large clients. They have to serve each and every person.

I really don’t want to lead such a life. Without freedom, there is no meaning of life and without the right to choose the client we have to serve all levels of clients. I need the wealthy and handsome clients only. As you know, through my personal website you can’t take me for service. You can request me for an appointment but I will decide whether you are eligible to hire my Bangalore escorts services. A high profile escort girl like me is not offering my services to all levels of clients. I have a very clear plan and vision towards delivering my services.

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A few of my friends were working with leading Bangalore escort agencies for a few months. As per their experience, an agency is only targeting the money. They will never consider the feeling of the escort girls while they are meeting a client for service. Being an independent escort girl I am avoiding all these problems. Here I am enjoying the freedom of life. I can find a client whenever I need to enjoy and I can go for a trip whenever I need to see the new places. There is a huge difference between an independent escort girl and agency based escort girl.

This is not a simple issue for me and life without freedom is equal to death so I decided to avoid all the offers related to the escort agencies in Bangalore. My job and part-time modeling activities are related to my daily activities. I could not think of a life without a career in fashion and ad modeling. So I have chosen the genuine independent escort services for the high-class peoples of the garden city of India. Once again I repeat that I am not interested to associate with any escort agencies in Bangalore. I believe that most of the call girls in Bangalore are associated with escort agencies.