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I just need to tell you about one of my bitter experience related to escorts service in Bangalore when I went to meet one of the bad client in a star hotel. I don’t think that I will always get good clients for my Bangalore escorts service but I am trying to get the best to avoid any kind of issues. But some times its happening and I have to run away from the spot where I have reached to give my independent Bangalore escorts. Some clients are thinking that independent escorts in Bangalore means there is nobody to ask about her and no one will come to take care of her. Last month a client from north India reached Bangalore and contacted me for genuine independent Bangalore escorts service. As usual I have given the appointment and fixed the place for enjoying my Bangalore escorts services. But the client was not good and he need more additional services related to my independent Bangalore escorts.

I told the client that I am not ready to give that because it is very hard for me, and when I have explained about my escort services in Bangalore it was not included in that. I have given back the money whatever he given in advance for my Bangalore escorts services. He was angry like anything and wish to have my Bangalore escorts service without my permission. I was angry and he also became very angry on me, he believed that nobody will come to support me at that place. I have called my friend and he came up for my support. Anyway I have escaped from there and tried my level best to avoid such cruel clients for my Chennai escorts services. I have appointed one boy to support me in my Bangalore escorts who will answer your calls and ready to give all details about my Bangalore call girls services.