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Last week I read one article name as shown in the heading “it happened in one night” as an independent escort girl in Bangalore I started to read the article eagerly, simply I just need to know if I get something to post in my blog. It is simply opened the controversial topic of a one-night stand is a new light. The writer has mentioned the pros and cons of one night stands neutrally without taking sides. I’d like to mention that though it is a modern concept and relates to the advancement and empowerment of women it is still infidelity. One night stands are rash and many ruins lives and relationships if taken casually.

Women indulging in one night stands in a bid to enhance their self-esteem or to look ‘cool’ or ‘modern’ should also be aware that ultimately it may lead to an inferiority complex. One should also remember that a casual fling is betrayal and may cause grave emotional trauma to your present partner or spouse. Let me conclude the write-up, the style of writing and the way that selected to reach the article to the reader’s heart are perfectly different from other writers that I like. Thank you for reading this article.