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Lots of peoples in Bangalore, especially the peoples who worried to have the fun of escort service in Bangalore believe that my personal website is not running by an independent escorts in Bangalore, it is running by an agency. Some peoples are working behind this Bangalore escorts agency. One of my regular clients told me that before taking my independent Bangalore escorts service he believed that Uma Rai is a name of a website that running by a leading escorts agency in Bangalore.

How can I convince such a group of peoples who are not ready to approach me to have my Bangalore escorts and simply making statements without knowing about me. I think I have already had a blog post regarding this issue but I didn’t go the deep side of the discussion. I have given most of my personal details and whereabouts of my independent Bangalore escorts services within my website and I hope that intelligent peoples can understand that what is the quality of my Bangalore escorts services< and how I became an independent escorts in Bangalore.

I don’t want serve a client by following an instruction by a third party, that means I am not ready to follow a instructions of Bangalore escort agents or brokers those need to make money by delivering my services to the clients. Life needs freedom and fun, without these factors life is nothing or like a prison. So I would like to avoid all the agents who offers their escorts service in Bangalore. And I must create my own and personal system in escorts. My website my page for announcing the details of my independent Bangalore escorts service and I have not appointed any third parties to connect clients for me.