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As a leading independent Bangalore escorts girls I have lots of limitations. Please don’t think that I am creating these limitations myself but it is natural for a genuine independent escort executive. I have already told you that I am a working professional it is not a matter the main thing I am working in a multinational Information Technology based company in Bangalore. My designation is client support executive. I don’t know how many people can understand my work pressure. Daily fights with clients and managers, reporting and working together. It is a big head ache.

I am sure that any of you are thinking that “why you want to work, you are already earning much”. I can understand the intention behind this question. But my boyfriends must understand one thing that I am not at all a prostitute, I am a genuine independent escort girl in Bangalore. So I should work for me and my family. I believe that this blog post will help some peoples to understand the difference between real escort girl and a prostitute. Anyway I am thanking you to use your precious time to read my blog post.