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Love redifined

A wonderful gift of God given not only to humans but to the animals and birds of this world. Love has the strength to make you feel alive. Its depth can be felt from within. One can overcome all the wordy sorrows, if anybody’s love(who is dear to you) is possessed by you. It has the power to protect you from dangers. Love is more precious than any other treasure of the world. Even in heaven you cannot feel comfortable if your dear one is not with you mentally.

When it comes to a marital relationship which is a blend of rational thoughts. Here some times our love is going to be redefined. Nowhere did it ridicule aspect, yet it anticipated that the judgement of brain should excel that of heart. It talked of all age groups who could be enticed into stratagem. One has to be really prudent while making the most important decision of life marriage, be it an arranged or love marriage love is the base only base, isn’t it?So I am sure that love is the base of life, may be the powerful tool to reach the success position of life.

Article Posted by Umarai.