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As exciting it may sound, making outdoors does have a certain level of high packed libido involvement. This comes under the category of fantasies, and yeah fantasies hold a special place in every individual’s heart because it is not less than any dream come true.

So publicly there are a few possible places and situations where in this can be done, again it depends totally on the escort and the client they should discuss everything beforehand. If the escort wants to entice the client then she may try out doing something which could help increase the excitement or go off the rack for the client.

So firstly, Communication is the key.

Here are few different situations where making out in public can help in the new adventure:

Fire Exit Staircases

This is one isolated place where a lot of couples make out. This place will not give full coverage but will help in seducing enough to start the journey to the bed. The escort will lead the client by making eye contacts, flashing every now and then. There could be proper amount of cupping, rubbing and what not. The client may feel rejuvenated and passionate.


As cliché it may sound, yes this does makes thing more exciting. The escort can wait for the client outside the restroom and when he comes out she can talk him dirty into it. The client will feel pumped up and the idea of taking the escort right there will make him more excited. From what we have seen in Hollywood movies the restroom sex always leads to better satisfaction.

Making Out In Car

This is not a public place. We can call it semipublic. With car comes the advantage of limited spacing. The women on top position will work out best here. The escort doesn’t need to take her clothes off and just a slight movement of her undergarments can do all the charm. This is a one place where everybody wants to make out either in parking lots or deserted places with lots of fresh air.

Flashing by the escort will require some amount of expertise. She should wear good lingerie to show off her bosoms and can also play with a lot of props to make the client more wanted like sucking an ice cream, sucking the tip of her finger, making her cleavage wet time to time.

All the above mentioned requirements can be fulfilled only after proper communication. One should not forget the fact that they cannot go out of hand of asking what they have already discussed. A business works on requirements and service provided. But the client has some veto power here, he can ask for a few more things on the spot if that works out well for the situation.

Fellas out there don’t be old school and stick to missionary method. Go out. Try various stuff. Make your mind, body and soul happy. New excitement will have new hormones rushing through you. Just make the best of what you have paid for.