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Men is men

Males have an urge. Every now and then they have a need to excite themselves with a new female. Many times their girlfriends or wives are not willing to do stuff that the men want and the men in turn gives up. But that urge to try something new doesn’t goes down.

Sex is more of art of satisfaction. It has nothing to do with feelings. It might turn into something else but that comes with its drawbacks. Meanwhile escorts not just offers sexual satisfaction they also provide that sheer excitement that might be lacking in a person’s life. Many a times men prefer the same escort time and again only because they meet their intellectual level and satisfies them both mentally and physically. The new sex positions, the adrenaline rush, the idea of having that orgasm again and again keeps a man happy and who doesn’t deserves being a good shape and mood.

Men crave sex. Unlike women they want to live there fantasies and fulfill their fetish demands. Also with the women they love they are expected to show the woman a good time or else they are rejected. But with escorts, they feel like King, they feel appreciated and desired without having to put someone else’s need in front of them. They are relieved of responsibility and yeah this may sound selfish but yeah IT IS SELFISH. But putting oneself in a happy place should not be compared with selfishness. Escorts provide that feminine touch and sexual energy without any extra baggage.

Get great escorts

Escorts are great with role play which is a dream for almost any living men on earth. Escorts pretend like girlfriends, casual date, dominatrix and what not. Role play provides an incredible level of excitement and makes more intrigued about what’s going to happen next. These role play sexual escapades keeps the excitement and creativeness lively in men. Russian escorts are great at role play plus they are more preferred for their hair less body and smooth skin. Men who have been with Russian before know how it feels pushing inside a smoother and yet tighter pussy.

The best part about going to escorts is the ORAL SEX. Yes, 90 percent of women inhibit from doing it whatever their reason may be but escorts do provide oral sex and not just a good one, something that makes the men want it more and more and they even end up having orgasm through oral sex. And if the escort is out with the client they can have oral sex in the car or the staircase or public places which makes it even more exciting. Escorts are ready for anything and that makes move to the desirable window.