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My blog post heading sounds nothing but there is internal meaning between these two words. When I have joined in one of the leading advertisement agency based in Bangalore I was very happy because I feel that it is a very good opportunity for me. But it was a tough time for me. I am not getting any opportunities to work with branded companies. Whenever they are coming for selecting a good and sexy fashion model for their company they are choosing other models. And I have noticed that those girls are not much good looking like me. I asked many times myself that how they are getting chances like this.

One day one of my colleagues told me that I need to change my attitude and must be ready to enjoy with my clients then only I can become a leading model in Bangalore. This may be the first time I am hearing about Bangalore escort services. After considering all the facilities that I will get in the future I ready to serve my clients in all levels. This made me the best fashion model in south India. Now I can manage multiple clients at a time with my magical activities. I think now the people can find the real relationship with the two words modeling and escorts.