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Hello all, we have already discussed about this. Now I came up with some different visions between these two factors. Finding the best Bangalore escorts service provider is still tough because of the number of misleading offers. I saw one question posted in a leading online portal “I am looking for high class escorts service in Bangalore, which service I should prefer, independent escorts girl or escorts agency?”I saw some answers which posted by other members in the same portal with different angles. Once I read all those reply closely that most of them are experienced good and bad from independent escorts and Bangalore escorts agencies.


Most of them have given positive remarks to the independent escorts service in Bangalore and few of them are saying escorts agency based services are mostly quality guaranteed. It’s all based on their experiences. The people who are supporting independent Bangalore escorts are saying that independent profiles can only deliver the girlfriend experience and they are not pushed to do service for the clients. They are deciding themselves and reaching the place of the clients to deliver the high class companion services. She really wishes to have such erotic services with clients and she needs to make some money. The self target of such girls made them to think about finding the clients.

Why Independent Escorts

If I am going through the positive sides of the independent Bangalore escorts it will be a huge list. But I am pointing few of them here for a comparison study. Privacy is another important thing for the clients. The high class clients need to deal directly with the girl, they don’t want to talk and convince a number of people. Such a situation will never make a client comfortable with Bangalore escorts. Just talk directly to the girl and go for a deal is the only way to protect your privacy. That means an independent Bangalore escorts is the best choice to have high end companion service with hundred per cent privacy. Such things made the people to support independent escorts in Bangalore.

Girl offering the best Bangalore escorts to the clients
Premium Escorts in Bangalore

Positive Side of Agency

I have never felt that the concept of Bangalore escorts agency is harmful for the clients. First of all I would like to tell you about the positive side of the agency based escorts service in Bangalore. If you are a choosy person you should see minimum five number of escorts girls to find the best one among them. You can easily find your choice of profile by going through the details of the profiles. Bangalore escorts agency will only keep more than three escorts profiles at a time. An independent escorts girl is a single profile for your service and she will never give you and details of other escorts service providers. After all she is not aware about the other independent escorts service girls in the city because she is not trying to understand about the others.

Negative Side of Agency

The competition between the Bangalore escorts agencies is increased. They just need to hit down the other one to get more business. I think this kind of unhealthy competition will destroy the confidentiality of the high class clients. Some of my regular clients told me that they are not feeling good to approach any Bangalore escorts agencies because of their fighting. This may be the bad side of every escorts agencies. They are doing two kinds of activities like finding the clients for delivering best Bangalore escorts services at the same time they are trying to destroy the good name of another escorts agency. They should stop them to get a number of good clients otherwise they will destroy quality and credibility of all escorts system.