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The Premium profiles

Dear Client, A very warm welcome to our website. We appreciate your attempt for seeking a female companion online. And we would like to assure you that currently, you are on the right platform through which you can meet a wonderful young girl or an experienced woman for yourself and that too at an affordable price. We provide both incall and outcall services and give 25% discount on all in call services. So when you hire one of our escorts you become the recipient of joy, pleasure, and satisfaction without burning a hole in your pocket. We include only decent independent females into our agency, they know how to maintain standard in society when with a client in public.

The Aim of Our Escorts Service

We get a lot of calls from middle-class men who seek for our services and we understand this very well that people have a reputation to maintain in society and therefore we strictly do not hire junkies or trashy chicks. Our girls are very well educated like most other Indian girls and they know what they are doing and what they want to achieve. They too have ambition and they work hard to succeed in life. This agency was started by Uma Rai who used to work earlier with another agency knows as Metro Escorts, later he resigned and started his own agency with a bunch of independent girls that were willing to operate with Uma Rai.


Today ‘Uma-Rai.com’ holds several employees working for it. We believe in treating nicely both our clients and our employees because a happy person can give 100% into this short term relationship that we establish with men on their demand. Human beings are polygamous by nature. The desire to satisfy oneself is never ending and we live a competitive social life, that leaves a lot of stress in our life. There are other issues in a man’s life like dull sex life, dissatisfaction, compromised marriage, unhappy home environment & social restrictions that can cause mental & emotional problems.

The Better Experience

Therefore hiring an escort can be one of the fastest approaches to satisfy and relieve yourself from stress. Also, there are some occasions like wedding, meeting or a party where you would want to have a well educated, classy and attractive companion by your side so that you can gain positive attention in these social events. Bangalore Escort stands with you always for the intimate and open affair. India is a beautiful country and it always gives you a chance to celebrate and enjoy life. Bangalore is the topmost commercial city of India which is full of diversity. All kinds of people from India including bold girls visit this city for job, luck & a better life.

Highly Expensive

Many girls who want to make some quick bucks join escorts agencies. There are thousands of agencies online and offline trying to stay available to men or couples. Girls work independently or with some agency. You can hire beautiful attractive Indian women easily by either surfing the Internet or through the newspaper. The benefit of looking online is that you can use powerful search engines like Google and Bing that can search millions of websites offering escorts services in Bangalore. You can see their profiles, check pictures, videos, read related articles and get contact information. Top players in the market will always try to provide the best of Indian beauty and that too at a very high price.

Top Class Profiles

Some agency like ours believes in offering decent and trustworthy service at cheap rates. Indian women are known for their dark, black hair and well-tanned skin, we have good bone structure and we are mixed Caucasian just like Europeans but with different skin tone. With advancement in mobile technology and IT sector, services and products have become quite reachable to market, which was not possible before. Now you can just Google anything and find related information within seconds. Escort industry in India took benefit of it and it is now really making fortunes. Getting information and booking an escort now is just a few mouse clicks away or just a few swipes on your phone and there you go.

Dedicated to Deliver the Best

There are good and bad agencies and this depends upon the management. Uma Rai is one of the experienced agents and is very much familiar with the needs and requirements of a client and hence it becomes easy for him to maintain work quality. Never disappoint a client – is his motto. Our girls are trained by lady experts who have gained expertise in handling all kinds of men and their fantasies. These experts use their experience to train young girls in this field and make them perfect to be served to our esteem customers. Clienthood is very important for any business and hence we do everything with full dedication & devotion.

Completely Entertaining

So, if you are free tonight and want to meet or date a sexy, hot body, luscious call girl just make your appointment by calling Uma Rai. Our service is available all over Bangalore. The escort girls in Bangalore are really some of the most intriguing escort girls with whom one can spend lots and lots of erotic moments amidst absolute fun, entertainment, and excitement. The escorts in Bangalore are always there to provide enticing company to their clients so that those men could always enjoy and have a great time with the kinky escort girls in Bangalore. The Bangalore escorts know how to make each and every moment really very enjoyable and completely entertaining for each and every client.

Opt the Sexy Profile

These are some of the reasons behind the growing popularity of the Bangalore escort girls these days. The escorts in Bangalore are also quite efficient in the matter of being absolutely professional with their clients every single time. Their professional attitudes and organized nature are some of the most important factors behind the popularity of the Bangalore escort services these days. The Bangalore escort girls are always active and totally available for their clients. However, one must still try and pre-book an appointment in order to avoid the last minute rush. If an individual is looking to have some real fun with sexy female companions, then he can definitely go ahead and get in touch with the Bangalore escort girls.