Pay by Card

The top class personalities in Bangalore are not using liquid cash for their day to day payment needs. It was one of the major issues that I have faced in the beginning stage of my Bangalore escort services. I have cancelled late nigh services and other escort related services due to this issue. Later I have planned to try for swiping machine for card payment. It was not very easy to get a payment machine from a bank. So I took time and tried to get the same for easy payment from the clients. At last I got the payment machine from a private bank.

Now I can take service any time and no worry about the money from the clients. Previously my clients have to run for searching nearby ATM counter to withdraw money to give to me and some machines are not allowed to withdrew money using credit cards. Now it became very easy to handle the payment of clients. It may be night, raining, busy traffic, no time to take money my card payment machine will help to go for a fast deal of high profile Bangalore escorts services. But now I am facing some issues like the payment machine are not allowed inside the star hotels in Bangalore so the client has to do the payment out of the hotel before proceeding to the room.