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This blog post is exclusively for the new clients or boyfriends who need to have my service. The details about my place, my pictures and service details may be incomplete because the number of prank calls and time pass calls are increasing day by day. Most of the callers or peoples need to connect me simply to see my real pictures. I can feel that these peoples are simply trying to get my details not my service. I will send some fake pictures and information to those peoples to make them comfortable the details may not be correct. I think you can understand my feelings and why I am doing like this.

You know very well that Uma Rai is not just an escorts website name or model girl’s name. It is a brand name which makes the feel of safety, credibility, perfection and security. As everyone knows my clients are not common people or middle class society members. My clients are very rich and handsome. My responsibility is to make my clients happy. And I will not take care of anyone who is just asking me about the services and pictures of the call girls. My experience is helping me to easily find the genuine clients. Of course, the fake and time pass clients will be rejected.

I will ask the clients details to make sure that they are not trying to trap me or they just need to know my details to publish in online medias. I must be very careful when I go to share my details with any person who just connecting me for the service. I will try different ways to check that the client is genuine and trying to connect to have top class Bangalore escorts service. It is my request that please don’t feel bad about my activities regarding this. It is not to mislead you, simply I need to protect myself from the external things.

Previously I have tried to post the real pictures and details of every independent escorts in Bangalore. I hope it will be helpful for the clients to choose their profiles very easily. But the result was inverse. The common people who is doing time pass activities with the service providers started to circulate the pictures of the independent escorts and they started to call them directly to disturb them. At last I removed all those details from my website. Now I have decided that the real pictures of the girls will reach the authentic clients only.

The information which reaching the genuine clients will be authentic only. I don’t want to mislead my precious clients by sending fake pictures and give the wrong impression about my services. The readers can take this article as an open information, the clients will get the real and trusted information and the non clients will get fake pictures and misleading information. I have to take care of my safety and security so I have to do like this. Sometimes the reader will fell bad but the long run he will understand why Uma Rai has to do like this. And she should do this for a long run.