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This is the next step of seeing an escort. This usually happens when the client is seeking something else other than just intercourse. But as weird it may sound this is not healthy and will not prove to be a good decision in long run. Let’s take a look at few aspects and then sum up the effects or counter effects which ever sounds truer.

The Infatuation Phase

When client’s demand to see the same escort time and again, this rings the first bell alarm. This might be a good part for the agency but it is not at all good for both client and escort. When a client is emotionally broken or is seeking a passionate partner in life with no strings attached a young escort will come as a silver lining. Escorts do a great role play for being a girlfriend and they are great listener too. Older clients who are not attracted to their wives anymore want someone who makes them feel young, alive again. There libido goes high with the look a young chick. So what happens after this, what the client expects?

The Planning Phase

After a client gets obsessed with one escort he wants to spend more time with her and plans to take a trip with her. This can sound as a tricky situation because the escort has nothing to lose, the agencies can pump up the fees and earn a fortune. Few things to be taken care of while doing this are – there should be a detailed communication between the client and escort, if possible a contract in place would help a lot. The client should be very clear about his expectations and demands, he should lay out all the rules and regulations that the escort is supposed to follow in front of other people while accompanying the client. This is the phase where the intercourse just not matters any less than every other thing.

The Aftermath

So what happens when the vacation gets over, when the escort starts seeing other men, the client is left alone again and couldn’t get the same escort again and again. The client has to start with square one. And one thing to handle this situation is start seeing other high end escorts and makeup your mind about the fact that this is professional, no strings attached rule should be followed.

There is nothing called as “attachment” in this business. You come in get your job done and get out. If ever you think things are not falling into place then give yourself a break, get over the thoughts running in your head and then come back again with a bang. You are good as long as you are not dragging things up, if the client feels it’s not his cup of tea to see escorts and that he is some crack head who might get carried away he should NEVER get himself involved. Because he will ruin himself also he would waste a lot of time and money which is not good for anyone.

Introspect yourself and then get involved. You should learn about yourself first before getting involved with someone else.