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I could not elaborate this subject more than a level but I will try to post some truths behind the birth of an escort girl. In European or Western countries it is not a big matter that anyone can be an escort girl at anytime, no need to think but in India our culture and thoughts is extremely different from them. In my case my ambitions and my visions lead me to this escorts world because I didn’t find any good way to enjoy my life. But I believe that these are the only things that leading me to this world of companions. It is true that now I became a leading Bangalore escorts girl.

My childhood was not a good one for me I born and brought up in a poor family where I didn’t get enough money for my basic education. My relatives offered some small amount for my education. The plus point was I am a good learner and this is the only thing that made me a professional client support executive in multinational information Technology Company in Bangalore city. I am sure that this post is not completed as an escorts but I would like to continue with my next blog post. To be continued.