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The face of marketing has been changed a few years back. A genuine Bangalore escorts also need to market her service to reach the elite class clients. That means everyone is marketing themselves to get more opportunities in their life. Social media public profiles are taking our face to the required people. I can say that social media marketing is one of the best, easy and affordable way for marketing the products and services. Here I am going to tell you how I have did marketing as a top-end independent Bangalore escorts service provider in the city.

As the most leading and most attractive Bangalore escorts in the city it is my wish to attract more and more clients to my website. I know that my website has already flooded with a large number of visitors every day but I need a very large number of visitors to my site. I found that social media optimization and search engine optimization are the two main factors that help visitors to reach my website. So I am planning to launch public profiles in leading social networking websites like facebook, Behance, LinkedIn, Google plus etc.


Here I am confused because what kind of picture will I use as my own profile picture. First I thought that I can use a picture of any leading actress as my profile picture but later I understood that it is not good because my clients will think that I am using fake pictures to mislead them. I am not allowed to post my own pictures because I don’t want to know the public peoples about my whereabouts. I am deeply thinking about a solution regarding this. I know very well that public profiles will help me to connect more clients across Bangalore. I am still thinking about it.

I have noticed that every day there is an increase in the number of visitors to my website from social media profiles. I hope that genuine and interested people will only come to my profiles. As I have told It is not a place for time pass and cheap romantic. It the virtual portal for luxurious and expensive escorts services in Bangalore. Whoever coming to my website should know that I am a fashion model girl offering Bangalore escorts services. I am using this opportunity to thank the people who worked behind the development of such beautiful social media websites.