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It’s pretty common for clients to aspire for a session wherein they have a mind blowing experience which will make them come back again. So how to achieve that big O and make the most of your session with an escort. Let’s break the deal

Escorts Faking An Orgasm

Orgasms are powerful for men. So, female orgasm is a way used by men to measure their carnal capabilities. Men need to feel the masculine sense that they are able to satisfy the women, many a times the female orgasms help men to reach theirs and boosts there confidence. Many clients have selfish reasons for wanting an escort to reach orgasm because it helps them reach theirs.

As for the escort there job is to command the technique of faking an orgasm because if they don’t reach one with the client they still have to make them feel good about it. But faking only occurs when the client has no knowledge about women’s body or traits. The escort should help him, teach him and they both should reach the climax mutually.

General Ways To Reach An Orgasm

Oral pleasures are very famous in providing the big O. It’s the escort’s job to apply different methods to help his client reach orgasm if they are not aware of what makes them reach one. Some of them may include Hand job, using lotions, stripping, teasing, and of course the oral. Also a lot of moans and groans would help the client because they would know that the escort is having a good time and they are making it happen. Using a lot of words such as “faster”, “oh yeah”, “right there”, “I am going to come” will also help in reaching orgasm. Tightening the vaginal grasp, moving your pelvic muscles in rhythm with the movement of the client will also be helpful.


Never Admit To Faking

An escort should never admit to faking an orgasm. Despite his accusations, analysis do not ever confess that your climax was not authentic. Many a times clients are so impressed with their love making skills that it would destroy their confidence to think that you faked your performance. It could also damage the escort’s reputation. An escort should avoid fake performances as much as she can and should always keep it to herself.

A Tough Client

Clients are sometimes a bit hesitant or plain lazy, it’s not necessary that your client has to create an excitement for you. Take the initiative and coax him into doing something that you enjoy. A fake orgasm is great way to shift the focus of an encounter. Many a times when the escort feels that the client is wanting to continue an activity that doesn’t seem towards making any progress like unending oral sex or unending penetration may become counterproductive. In this case a quick fake orgasm on the escort’s part can redirect his behavior that may be beneficial for him to reach an orgasm.

Intercourse between two people is more of a technique process, the more you do the better you get with each experience. Enjoy your act and don’t forget to reach an orgasm today.