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We know love marriages are just not a matter in our country, the fast life and usage of social media sites made a much increase in the number of love marriages in our country. Inter-cast marriages and inter-religion marriages are familiar to us. But here I am (Uma Rai) going to discuss about the secularism in arranged marriages in our country. I think this is not a new subject even then I would like to say something about this. And some people may think that as escort girl what is my intention to write about this subject? I must say that this is only a time pass as well as blog post for me.

There are very many other instances of successful Hindu-Muslim marriages in our great India, especially Indian film field named Bollywood. The Nargis-Sunil Dutt marriage, for instance was an interesting example of secularism carried to its full fruition. Nargis was the daughter of a Muslim mother named Jaddanabai and Hindu father named Mohan Babu. But, interestingly Jaddanabai herself was the daughter of Hindu mother and a Muslim father. Therefore, the Nargis-Sunil Dutt marriage is rightly cited as the most shining instance of an ideal inter-religious marriage. Tabassum, who started acting in films when she was just a four-year-old child, was also the offspring of a mixed marriage. Her mother was a Muslim and her father was a Hindu, and herself married a Hindu. The history is not end here but I would like to stop here.