Seeing An Escort (Expectation Vs Reality)

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When you decide to see an escort or start seeing escorts to relieve your tension then you should be aware of a lot more going behind the scene. As simple as it sounds, calling someone arranging a meeting and then her adhering to all your needs may sound quite easy but it’s not as is sounds.

Expectation Vs Reality:

  • You expect the escort to be as hot as the pictures shown to you but my friend that is not true at all. I am not denying the fact that escorts are hot, they are but they might look a little clogged when you see them in reality. Don’t get sad or put your mood off if your expectations are not met. Just remember you have to make most of your money and time. On the other hand if your expectations are met then don’t get too overwhelmed. Stay calm and engage swiftly in the act.
  • She will satisfy you. Yes she will but she will make you want it more and more. If your sessions goes fine them you would want to see the escorts again and again.
  • She will not say no to anything. She has all the right to deny when she is not feeling okay about something. And you can force her too.
  • She will stay for the night and listen to you. She will not stay. As soon as her time gets over she will get adamant about leaving. If you want someone overnight then plan accordingly.
  • She will be hygienic. Don’t ever do this mistake of trying to fool yourself into this. Escorts see different men all day they are bound to be unhygienic. Here you have to take the call whether you want to go all bare or you need your protection.
  • Oral sex are complimentary. No they are not, before you see an escort you have to be specific about your needs, you have to mention in detail what all you want to while you are having intercourse. Which parts you want during foreplay, where do you want her to touch you.
  • She would want you to go down on her. No she is not expecting to do things to her. She is getting paid she is supposed to provide services to you. It’s your call whether you want to perform oral or not.
  • You can have a connection with her. Don’t fool yourself that you can ask her for extra favors such as emotional support. They will do that but they might end up taking advantage of you. And you being an emotional croon will listen to her all the time.

Lastly, the client should not forget that he is the king here. The Bangalore escort is here to make him feel good. He can ask her to do things to him and yet not feel at all guilty about it. Escorts make clients feel young and passionate and they might regain their masochistic feeling back. But there are certain things that needs to be followed and maintained because this is a business. You come see someone get your things done you leave. That’s it. No strings attached.