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Please don’t think that offering escort or companion service is an easy job where you can earn big amount money every day. I think most of our clients are not aware about the risk level of these services. As we are in India our culture is extremely different from western and European countries where escort services and sex related activities are very common. The legal actions against these services are comparatively low. One of my friends from Brazil told me that doing sex in their country is just like drinking a tea. Unfortunately we born in India and we are not allowed to enjoy sex with other peoples rather than that the female is our wife.

Most of the youngsters and mid aged peoples love to enjoy sex with different people but we are not allowed. This demand made us to offer high profile escort service to the top class peoples. The easy of cops are always searching for the follows like me. Our each and every movement are targeted with an escape from the handcuffs of our cops. If we got caught need to go to prison. SO compared to our risk our service charges are very low. I have formed a list of activities to defend from the attacks of cops and Medias.