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If you desire to go beyond and try something new then welcome to the clan everybody wants to do so. special escort service comes with its own baggage and does provide a greater level of excitement. The main problem is the girlfriends or wife don’t approve of anal sex and thus the man is left unsatisfied. This is where our sweet clients play a role and provide anal services to clients. Escorts know how to make the client enjoy if this is his first time.

Prior Research

If you are an anal virgin do some prior research before you decide to have anal sex? Anal part can be tricky requires little knowledge in terms of lubricants, the method. Anal requires a constant up keep and diet in hygiene. Everyone wants the ass. People are obsessed about it.

An anal sex date is not like any other date. The ass does not need to be wined and dined. In fact, an anal date is much like going to the zoo, as the same rules apply… do not feed the animals. Dining your anal date beforehand is never the best idea. Rather a sensual buildup of lubrication, some Prosecco, candles, and soothing music that beats to the rhythm of the heart is always best. This relaxes the date and thus opens her up to you. Once you have enjoyed your appetizer, then go on for the main course!

The Date

Stay calm, don’t hyperventilate too much on the fact that anal is something huge and you are actually going to do it today. After the escort enters the room, don’t start abruptly, take some time let her relax around the environment. When she asks you what you demand first then ask her to suck, suck you hard, but don’t come in her mouth. Ask her to put lubricants on her ass and oil it well. Before you enter into her make sure you too are lubricated. Spanking the girl will increase the pleasure. Once you enter take things slow and let yourself relax inside her. After you feel good start thrusting, occasional spanking will make the moment more exciting because when you spank a girl she clenches her butts and holds on your dick making her grip tighter. Make the humping faster in the end and keep asking her in between if she is okay or enjoying it.

Near the end make sure you come inside your condom and there is no spillage. To avoid any embarrassing moments keep a towel at hand. Be cooperative, don’t dwell much on the fact that she is here to provide you a service so you don’t hold any responsibility for your actions. That’s not the case, you two are involved and should engage in the act mutually.

Keep yourself sanitized. Clean yourself after the act. If possible clean together in the washroom may be a desire arise and then the next session is inside the washroom itself. A mere hope gives more excitement and thus one should always be open to options. Enjoy.