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What do you think about the hairstyle of an independent escort girl in Bangalore? Of course, I don’t know what my boyfriends are thinking about my hair. But every day I am facing lots of questions and problems related to it. I have started my Bangalore escorts services 1 year back and that exact moment on-wards I am getting questions about my hair. Please don’t think that the peoples are asking only about my hair. They need to know lots of things about my assets like the size of boobs, height, the colour of skin, my activities, my hobbies, my services and much more.

The question about my hair was not expected but it happened in day one. I was surprised to hear the question from one of my new clients. I was answer-less but I told him that I have good hair and attractive hair like that. He said okay. After that, I have faced the question many times and I have given beautiful answers for those questions. I understood later that some peoples have some sexual feelings towards the hair of girls and they have different type feelings for types of hairstyles. Now I am planning to do the modifications based on the requirement of my dearest clients.