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Thanks a lot to make my articles the most popular among all Bangalore escorts related blogs. Your visit to my blog is considered as an encouragement, thank you for the visit and sharing the articles in your social medias sites. You know very well that I am always up-to-date. My blogs are delivering precious information about the platinum Bangalore escorts services. You may have noticed that I am usually posting about my trips and other activities. This time I am going to post about my next week trip to Dubai where I have lots of premium clients and good friends.

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Just for a fun

What you doing in Dubai? Are you going to meet someone there? How many days will you be here in Dubai? Would you like to meet me at my place? When will you go back to India? Already I am facing all these questions. My plan is just to visit Dubai for one week and have some fun with my clients and back to Bangalore. I just want to tell my clients who used to follow my blog post I am not free at Dubai and already all days are engaged with my clients and boyfriends. I can’t say when will be free and how long.

Last year I have visited Dubai for three days. It was amazing experience for me. And still that memories are asking me when can I visit Dubai for one week. As you know my days are already engaged with my valuable and lovely clients. The other days I will be travelling to visit the major tourist places. If you are interested you can come with me for a small trip. I would like to have fun for an entire one week. Dubai is very nice place for having fun, all are getting safety and security from all the external factors.

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Only for Special Clients

Once I have planned my trip I have contacted few of the rich clients who used to call me and maintain the relationships. They used to call me once in a week and always inviting me to their place. Last year I understood the value of that visit so I was planning for the next visit. I think this is the right time to go abroad for a short visit. I know my clients whoever staying in Dubai is highly settled and capable to make me fun at any cost. So I have planned to meet them for three days. Rest of the days I will out for sightseeing.

Those who are reading my escorts article please make an appointment today as my personal time slots are very few. And those who just need to meet me can come with me for a day trip. I am not contacting every client there because I don’t want to spend all the time with clients so I am keeping some time for my personal purpose. I know Dubai is a 24 hours city with lots of personal entertainment services and activities. I have planned everything and I don’t want to miss any single point of fun this time. Thank you and see you there in Dubai.