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Erotic feelings are God’s good gift to human emotional satisfaction and there is no wrong about it. It is not dirty or filthy. It is clean, eternal and all-pervading. Apart from it being medium to procreate life, it is also an act to achieve Supreme Bliss. As a leading and well known Bangalore escorts I would like to say you that suppressed sex often results in the degeneration of the human ethos; many heinous sex crimes are committed, so opine the experts, because of this suppressed sexual urge. Sex is like a perennial river flowing with joy. If you try to obstruct its flow by having various bridges and dams of taboos and prohibitions constructed across it, it would burst out in unseemly directions, gushing out whatever opening it espies.

I just need to tell you one thing that approaching a Bangalore escorts for meeting your sexual requirements is not at all a bad thing. Even the unnatural sex acts leading to the much feared dreaded disease like AIDS are the result of suppression and the nature’s revenge against man disturbing its norm of propriety. It is to channelize it in proper direction and convert this natural urge to a constructive force that the institution of marriage was devised. As the various researchers have proved, the basic cause of nuptial unhappiness is the maladjustment between man and his wife resulting, out of their ignorance to take sex as it is.