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When I was 20 years old and had just finished my education, I got a good job in a private company, but the salary package was little bit low. I joined the company and I was not very happy at my job. The money I earned is not enough to take me to my wishes and dreams but it helped me to make my family happy. I made up my mind that I would continue to work till I had a good offer from other company. Soon after this, my boss let me know through a colleague that he was interested in me. Though he was young, handsome and intelligent, I sent back the message that I was not interested. My colleague told me that I was being foolish, but she understood when I told her about my dreams.

Later, my colleague told me that she had told my boss the reason for mu refusal and he has been very impressed. He had ten told her that he would continue to woo me till I agreed to marry him. And this is what he did during the next year or so. Finally, I began to have feelings for him. In the mean time, matters had greatly improved on the domestic front. But my dreams are very far from me. After some days I planned to move to Bangalore to achieve my dreams and targets of my life. Here I have started my services as an independent escort girl in Bangalore, now I am very happy with my life because I am enjoying every day with handsome boys and lots of money. Thank to everyone who read this article.