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The Premium profiles

Myself Uma Rai, a professional model and secret adult entertainer in Bangalore city area. Bangalore is a popular city within South India. I am living nearby the city area and I am a talented escort working for our agency. I can manage to serve areas nearby such as Shanti Nagar, MG Rd, Indira Nagar, Frazer Town, Koramangala and other nearby localities that are very well connected via road. Myself a Bangalore base girl, I did my education in Bangalore, Maharashtra and is currently looking for opportunities in Glamour Industry. By the time her struggle is going on, she has joined for some extra income.

My Clients are Saying.

She is a beautiful and smart person and can be a good acquaintance for someone looking for a woman online for short term basis. She knows how to play Banjo and also has a very sweet voice. Men who like a little bit of chit-chat would definitely enjoy her company. Beside meeting men in their hotel room, she is a very good Host or Anchor at parties or social events. When we interviewed her for the first time, we were very much impressed by her persona and she agreed to all our terms and conditions. The only thing that she doesn’t like is Buggery.

On request you can meet her in other areas of Bangalore as well, she is not just restricted to areas nearby Bangalore rule only. If you call or make the booking from this area you can get out call service at the price of in call service but if you are looking for any other area, booking is done as per our regular rate chart. Not all Escorts are dominating, but she is. She likes taking control of things, her intensity can sometimes amaze you. But we assure you that you will love her dominating nature because that is what makes her alive, makes her fun and better than other girls.

Sexy She India always tries to hire better female escorts so that we can always provide you with quality service at reasonable rates. Call us for booking in advance and feel free to give us your feedback or your requirement, taste or any other personal choice so that we can serve you in the best way possible. We hope guys you will understand that and will not do anything against her will. She enjoys what she does and that is how you can provide better entertainment and better service to men.

Why My Service?

There are lots of popular areas in Bangalore. Several models live in posh areas of these localities. Known for parties, malls, and bars, people here love to celebrate their night with friends, associates, and strangers. We provide escorts service in several events and parties in these areas. One of our girl Vani Dutt is quite popular. She is well known for her exotic features and boldness. Though she is not just one escort that we cater to Bangalore, we have several girls who are interested to socialize with men in public and in private.

If you are a foreigner or traveler or guest and staying in Bangalore you can contact us and receive service directly in your hotel room. If your hotel doesn’t let female escort check in, you might have to pick her up from a suitable pick up point. If you are looking to book a hotel room in Bangalore for just having sex or adult entertainment you can find a cheap hotel room on (Hotels in Bangalore West & Hotels in Bangalore East). Pickup point can be any public place that is nearby your location, like any restaurant, mall or any other public location where you can pick up your escort.

After picking her up, you can move to your location and enjoy with her. Infiniti Mall is one very popular pickup point. Sexy She promises you warmth and compassion, we believe in giving you honeymoon or girlfriend experience, taking our escorts service is one of the best ways to satisfy your sexual desires, we have college babes, mature ladies, housewives, and several professional models. So if you are willing to obtain our service, please call us.

About the Best Profile

Folks, listen to one of the leading escorts girls within our team “I am Nagrani from Bangalore. Basically, I am a housekeeper but I work part-time as an Escort. And I don’t mind getting friendly with someone on a Dinner Date. On any special occasion or if you want someone’s company, a cool buddy just like yourself, you are welcome to communicate with me on this regard. Because I am mostly housekeeper, my person may handle my calls, so please enquire him about me. Though I would suggest that Sexy She India is a good escort agency and we all here are reliable and charming.

And because I am a vegetarian, so I hope you eat vegetarian food with me, when we are together in a restaurant. I like wine, we can have that at the restaurant and later in your hotel room. Well, Mister, I havan e experienced person and know all the stuff that you are willing to feel. Talking ! is not my cup of tea, my plan is to get to the business first and remaining things after that. So, if you have really made your mind now to meet me, just call my agency. 23 years old, good looking female escort. The name is Neha and an open to accept dating proposals. If you have time and desires to do something hot and sexy.

We wish to meet someone for sexy games you can contact me. I am not prepared to date someone for life, my dating style is restricted to time limits and you have to pay me for my services and that includes spending my time with you. Well, I don’t want to ruin things by talking about money, because I think it ruins the charm and romance. Though I hope you understand that money is important for everyone. I am basically a romantic person and you may find me as a good compassionate human being.

Hope for the Best

I love giving time to things. All kinds of relationship, whether short or long needs some dedicated time and focused the mind. And I do that, I am mentally present, it never happens that you are there with me and I am over the phone talking to someone else. When I am there with you, I am just with you. I am good at talking, I can speak in English and Hindi and in my personal life people consider me a good and smart person and they seek my advice. So if you are willing to talk over something, I am open to that.

I always behave nicely and tries to understand your needs, emotions and what is the demand of any particular moment. I am not a spontaneous girl, but I love to flow with time, and I think at right time, right things will happen and if you believe that this is the right time for you to date me, please call me at my agency’s number and please mention my name. Though if I am not available, you can surely date someone else from the agency, that have the good reliable collection of escorts.