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Previously it was very easy to access my Bangalore escorts service through my website. The phone number or email id was that easy way to connect me. But I have changed all the systems and ways for connecting me for more secured service. I think the newly introduced system will help both of us to go for a secured deal. The number of fake requirements and prank calls have been increased more than I expected and some peoples need to connect me for time pass chatting. I don’t know why the peoples are behaving without any quality.

In the newly introduced system I have used lots of filters to avoid the fake or prank clients who just need a time pass activity. You know that my Bangalore escort services are extremely different from all the common escort service providers and no other service providers can assure the availability of quality based services. Here my services will not be available within a call or within a mail, I would like to have all the personal details of the client before proceeding and I will not entertain those who are not ready to give the personal details.